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The prestigious 7th Haven of NEGOMBO

AeonSky 7 assures super luxury residential Apartments that keep its promise with allocated space to live in the lap of luxury. All apartment are laid out with more breathing space and the facilities are unmatched to suit accordingly to a modern living style.

Is on highest geographical ground in Negombo where Aeonsky 7 is built with contemporary design complimenting the beauty of colonial architectural beauty on a everlasting podium that reflects the Negombo heritage.

A Sensation in vertical living Aeonsky 7 has reserved it’s heritance where the tradition of Negombo is preserved with warm and friendly nature’s resources freely filled around you.

Aeonsky 7 is surrounded by the sea belt, fishing harbour and the enticing lagoon going hand in hand with the buzzling city and all it’s domestic amenities.

The Happening City

Aeonsky 7 is a 5 minutes drive to Sri Lanka’s prominent resort belt where happiness is at your beck and call.

The Resource City

10 minuets drive to the Airport, Colombo Expressway, the BOI Zone and principle schools. premium shopping arcades, most prominent hospitals, internationally renowned restaurants and A vast area for recreation where your children’s future will be a life long paradise.

The wise lifelong Investment.

In the modern trend of booming investment opportunities in Sri Lanka Aeonsky’s offer of vertical luxury living spaces has become a pre-eminent lifestyle. A driven sophisticated living atmosphere, where 24 hour security and all facilities are at hand. Aeonsky 7 where perfect ambience assurs a graceful living... where you belong.

Ma bima endeavors to become a house hold name as one of the trustworthy and genuine property companies, in an era where the majority of people have lost faith in this particular trade due to various complications caused by various entities. Ma bima group takes a conservative approach to real estate and property development, construction and management, emphasizing thoroughly researched site selection, functional design and solid service. Since 2004 Ma bima has kept pace with the shifting needs of the local and foreign property and real estate industry, favoring solid long term investment returns.

Mabima Group as a people friendly organization which serves the nation and be part of a respectable business community. Taking the first step with only one project and realizing the potential of being able to serve the people Ma Bima embarked on a journey which has proven itself by catering to individuals around the globe.

Online Property Bank

Ma Bima online property bank has been created to close the gap between the buyer and seller so that both parties could access each other in a more convenient manner and it’s FOC(“Free of charge”). Listing in our online Property Bank serves plentiful options to help the mass market to buy or sell their properties with ease and confidence. As online advertising partnership marketing to gain edge in your transaction.


Specializing in turn key projects for major clients locally and internationally, mainly focusing on the expatriates (Sri Lankan) who require a professional and trustworthy service at all times. Being given this understanding, Ma Bima group have taken necessary steps to provide a legitimate / responsible and flexible service to clients at all times.

Design and Architecture

Ma Bima believes in tasteful architecture, meticulous planning & economically structuring as the most vital criteria in designing practical house building. Wide selections of architectural plans are available in our design bank and are freely available to our clients.

Excellence in Vertical living

Trouble free close environmental living is becoming a passionate lifestyle of the modern generation. Safe environments, blissful locations , all facilities at hand, close proximity to desirable the institutions, time sticklers convenience becomes important for today’s busy life schedules. Mabima is now sphere heading to mega construction projects teaming up with proven professionals in the construction industry. High quality mega projects to be launched with meticulous precision.

The Team

Ma Bima team is uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional results with expertise in urban planning, community and economic development, finance, marketing, and strategic planning. Our combined resources enable us to offer site evaluation, lease/purchase negotiations, land development planning, design and engineering oversight, construction management, financing, marketing, leasing, and real estate development and investment evaluation.